The Only Advice You Will Ever Need About Sales Funnels

July 12, 2016
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EP 042: Josh Marsden Explains The Inner Workings of a Sales Funnel and give you a priceless bonus that you can implement today.

“Sales Funnel” is a phrase that is used more than ever in small business. The truth is that many business either get their sales funnel wrong or have no idea where to even start. In this fly on the wall recording Greg & Alan hear from Josh Marsden the truth about Sales Funnels and he answers the “Why & How” questions that you really must know.

At the end of the episode he even gives away his “Conversion flight rules guide” which is written to help you boost you sales funnel performance to get more leads and more sales plus it gives you what you need to identify your perfect customer to focus your marketing on the right prospects.


BONUS: Grab Josh’s FREE Guide by texting the keyword “CVO” to 38470
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