Episode 036 – The Mystery of Intimate and Engaging Video Production with Ryan Spanger

May 8, 2016
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In today’s awesome podcast, Greg and Alan talk to Dream Engine founder Ryan Spanger about the magic sauce that creates engaging video for business, Web apps and more. Greg was especially excited to bring Ryan in to talk about video editing and production because he knows Dream Engine’s work firsthand – Ryan just finished up shooting video for Greg’s own business website.

Video isn’t just the wave of the marketing and sales future, it’s here and now. Anyone who pays attention to website design for business knows how pervasive the little Web video has become. From teasers and explainer videos to full-blown documentary style videos presenting business history and core message, video is everywhere on the Web. Companies use video for everything from social media campaigns to training new staff in how to use proprietary software. Entrepreneurs on a budget are often encouraged to shoot their own video, and there’s a whole raft of software out there to make the process easier and more intuitive for them. Sometimes, though, you really have to go with a pro.

Join Alan and Greg as they dig in deep with Ryan and pull out the best tips and information about video production for business. If you’ve ever wondered about how to make video work for your business, you need to listen to this interview. You’ll learn about the importance of design in video, and how to carry over your branding and marketing assets to clips about and for your business. Ryan shares insights from his own personal journey from freelance documentary producer to head of an exciting business on the cutting edge of online video production. Along the way, he drops some knowledge about how to create engaging video that does the job you want, whether that job is building trust with potential customers or teaching existing customers new ways to use your services and products. You’ll also find out why you should hire a pro to produce video for you, and when DIY video shoots are a better choice. If you’ve ever wondered how the pros turn out videos that tug at our heart strings, make you smile or fire you up to click that Buy Now button, you don’t want to miss this incredibly informative interview with Ryan Spanger from DreamEngine.com.au.


3:00 Ryan Spangler talks about his journey from freelancer to business owner

5:00 The Importance of Video Design in Branding and Marketing

7:00 Starting the Process – First Steps in Creating Engaging Video Content

9:00 The Elements of Engaging Video Content – Mise en Scene and What It Means

12:00 Video Styles and Videos for Marketing

15:00 Why Is Video So Popular as a Business Tool? or A Video Is Worth a Million Sales Calls

18:50 How Video Ties in With Website and Marketing Collaterals Design

19:00 **Must Listen Nugget** Checklist for Engaging Video

25:00 The Importance Of Visual Composition And The Golden Ratio

28:00 Sound As An Element Of Design In Video

31:00 What You Need to Know About Lighting – The Four Key Elements

34:00 When is Autoplay Okay?

37:00 One Killer Tip – When to DIY Video

40:00 Connect with Dream Vision

41:00 Greg and Alan’s Takeaways



  • DrAndreas

    Great episode….thanks for sharing!!

    • Thanks. I am glad you enjoyed it. Ryan is a Real Star!!