Episode 25 – Killer Design Portfoio Secrets

October 6, 2015
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First impression really do matter. This applies to your portfolio and how a designer presents their work. It does not matter if you are a designer displaying your work or a business owner trying to find the perfect designer knowing what makes a great portfolio is important.

In this podcast, you will learn the secrets to a killer portfolio by Alan and Greg. They will talk about how to design a portfolio both online and offline. Listen to this episode to learn their strategies.

Here are your pointers for this episode:

05:40 – Portfolio secrets #1
06:55 – How to keep your portfolio coherent
07:40 – Portfolio secrets #2
08:50 – How often to update your portfolio
09:45 – Portfolio secrets #3
11:15 – One crucial mistake people made to their portfolio
12:15 – Portfolio secrets #4
17:48 – One cool iPad app to help you do the initial sketches
19:40 – Portfolio secrets #5
20:50 – How to Copyright your images
21:48 – How to find the original creator of the image you found online
22:25 – What not to do in the Portfolio
22:50 – How to check if the image is legit and not stolen from other people
23:40 – Portfolio secrets #6
26:26 – Online portfolio tip
28:20 – Other places to post your portfolio other than your website
29:45 – What to look in portfolio for business owners
32:04 – Greg’s Killer Tip
32:18 – Alan’s Killer Tip

Do you really know “Killer Design Portfolio” when you see one?

  • Cassie Clouser

    Great podcast, guys! Another option I’ve seen is to do a jQuery flip book. It really classes up an online [port]folio. I don’t know how relevant or practical that would be to showcase web design, but certainly for digital publications and graphics.

    • Cassie, Great point! Finding clever and striking was to present your portfolio is super important. A great way to make a flipbook that I have used with very little tech know how is http://issuu.com/ which lets you load a PDF and they take care of the rest. All that is needed is to copy the code to a page on your own website and Shazam!!! it works. Thanks for your comment.

      • Cassie Clouser

        “Shazam!!!” — haha.
        issuu.com: Great resource, Alan! Thanks!

        • Your Welcome. It is a handy one to have one file for clients too.