Episode 29 – Must Have Design Tools For Business Owners & Designers part 2 of 2

December 28, 2015
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There was so much awesome information to be shared in Episode 27, your hosts Greg & Alan needed to bring you a part 2 episode to continue where they left off. They offer some truly killer information on the best tools, apps, and software that will truly redefine any creative business daily approach..

Just like Episode 27, Greg & Alan offer invaluable advice on how to maximize the usefulness of these various apps, explaining tips and tricks that even experienced users may have overlooked. All types of creative business will find Awesome Screenshot amazingly useful, as it allows you to quickly mark-up and share your screen, eliminating the need to write email feedback back and forth with clients or workers on your team.

You’ll walk away from this episode with a killer list of new tricks up your sleeve, giving you an edge on your competition. Whether it’s simple shortcuts for navigating plug-ins, or the highly useful step-by-step instructions on maximizing Google Image search functionality, this episode of The Real Magic will not disappoint. Tell us about your favorite software in the comment below this episode

06:30 – Getting the most out of stock image libraries

11:10 – Awwwards (Website design awards)

12:15 – Awesome Screenshot (Chrome Plug-in)

13:15 – Paper by FiftyThree (iPad app)

15:15 – Adobe Creative Suite

20:15 – Boosting productivity with multiple monitors

21:55 – Phantasm (Illustrator plugin)

22:35 – Adobe Bridge

26:20 – Tips for Adobe Illustrator styles

28:40 – Adobe mobile apps

30:00 – Lynda.com