Episode 30 – The Power of Google Display Advertising with Ilana Wechsler

January 4, 2016
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You’re in for a real treat on today’s episode of The Real Magic, as your hosts Greg & Alan get a chance to dig deep into the secret world of pay-per-click marketing with Ilana Wechsler, a professional artist at the top of her game. Ilana reveals a wealth of information that is normally elusive to the average designer and small business owner, and offers absolutely stellar tips and hacks just for you the listener.

The insights into this complex part of online advertising offered by Ilana should not be taken for granted, as free information of this value is not something you’ll want to miss out on. She reveals the universal truths behind interest-based versus keyword-based targeting, and how you can nail down your perfect ad campaigns with continuous split-testing. Everything from how to optimize your ad size, landing page, and even split-testing your various ad campaigns are highlighted and thoroughly discussed in this episode.

Ilana couldn’t be more right when she explains how Google is always making changes, and you’ll be creamed if you don’t stay on top of the latest tips and methods.  Don’t find yourself behind the curve, listen to this episode and discover the very best in the latest marketing solutions.,. Do you have any questions or PPC stories to share, such as the time you pinpointed the perfect demographic for your split-test campaigns? Share them with us below, and Ilana will be happy to answer!


01:30 – Periscope live video streaming

05:00 – Ilana Wechsler introduction

07:00 – Google AdWords

15:45 – What type of images to use in advertising

17:20 – The basic elements of creating a display ad

19:25 – Optimizing your ad sizes

21:30 – Deciding your dedicated landing page

24:05 – Interest-based vs keyword-based targeting

27:00 – Is DIY marketing a mistake?

29:35 – Classic mistakes for Adword advertising

34:00 – The top things you should split test

38:00 – Do animated gifs convert better?

42:40 – Alan & Greg’s Killer Tips


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