Episode 33 – The Principles of Colour in Design Uncovered

May 3, 2016
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Get ready for a colorful ride today as The Real Magic hosts Alan & Greg discuss the hows and whys of color for beautiful design. This episode is packed with outstanding advice on getting the most out of the color for your creative process, and in-depth analysis such as the psychological impact of colors in design.

Don’t be just another brick in the wall with bland color in your design, listen to this episode and learn how bold, smart color coordination will make a world of difference in attracting your target audience and getting your brand message across. If you have questions or comments on the color selection process, leave them below for Greg & Alan to respond!

05:30 – Brands that deliberately choose color

07:25 – Tertiary colors: Purple, orange, red, yellow, blue, green

13:00 – Neutral colors: Silver, black

18:00 – The technical side of choosing colors

21:30 – What are the main components of creating a color palette for your design?

24:00 – Selecting colors for gender-based marketing

29:30 – Using colors in calls to action

31:20 – Setting precedence in color coding services

35:10 – Picking colors to match packaging finishes

38:15 – The difference between RGB, CMYK, and Pantone colors

47:15 – Your Listener Action for the day