Episode 35 – Dan Dobos Shares The Design & Development Journey of a SAAS – LeadMachine.com

May 7, 2016
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Get ready for an excellent episode of The Real Magic, as Greg & Alan sit down for a chat with Dan Dobos, the founder and CEO of LeadMachine. LeadMachine is an innovative CRM software loaded with plenty of highly useful features, and the creative genius behind it shares some insights into the design process behind LeadMachine.

You’ll be amazed to hear the ways LeadMachine revolutionize your email campaigns, such as creating customizable visual markup for Gmail subject lines. Dan Dobos also shares his views on the problems that CRM software users face, and how he’s addressed and simplified the solutions to many of those problems.

Don’t let email management be a burden in your professional life, listen to this episode and learn valuable tips on how to add life back into your inbox. You’ll also learn other neat tricks in this episode, such as how Zapier can expedite the communication between all of your project management tools. Do you have any questions for Dan Dobos, or stories about customer relationship management to share? Leave them in the comments below!

03:45 – Dan Dobos’ introduction and juggling tips

06:50 – What is the major problem Lead Machine solves for customers?

11:10 – How did Dan Dobos map out the front end for his software?

16:00 – The challenge in designing for multiple client types

21:25 – What were the key elements in Lead Machine?

27:30 – The balance of adding new features vs. enhancing existing ones

31:35 – Lead Machine’s dynamic email templates

38:50 – Dan’s biggest advice for SaaS developers

47:10 – Greg & Alan’s killer tips