Episode 38 – Inside Superfast Business Live 2016 – PART 2

May 11, 2016
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Check in to SuperfastBusiness Live 2016 with Greg and Alan. Today’s podcast is the second part of a two-part series about one of the biggest online marketing events of the series! If you haven’t listened to their impressions from day one, you can check them out here (add link here).

In this podcast, Greg and Allan bring you along on their second day at SuperfastBusiness Live with summaries and distilled highlights from each speaker’s presentation, then wrap it all off with their own killer tips for how to leverage what you learn at live events. They talk about the red velvet rope strategy for increasing your worth in the market, how to achieve work-life balance and become even more successful, and how to leverage social media exposure with staggered drip marketing. Check out their insights and takeaways from presentations by some of the most successful online entrepreneurs in the business.

Have you attended a live event or convention that made a big impression on you? Share your insights and killer tips with us in the comments below.

2:05 Seth Ellsworth How to Scale a Mountain of Potential and achieving work-life balance for success

5:30 Matthew Kimberly – Book Yourself Solid on increasing your worth in the marketplace

8:00 John Logar How to Sell to Corporates with tips for finding and scoring higher-paying corporate clients

11:00 Jen Sheahan Social Media Success, former social media person for the president of the U.S., with real tips on how to leverage social media

14:00 Ed Dale – How to write great sales copy

17:00 Andrew Lock Advanced Membership Site Strategies on retaining people in your circle of trust

19:45 James Schranko wrap up and a practical demonstration on social media marketing]

20:45 Greg and Alan’s own killer tips for leveraging what you learn at live events