Episode 40 – Are You Responsible For Bad Quality Design?

June 6, 2016
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Have you ever got to the end of a design job and looked at it and thought “This could have been better!”

Are you as a design just acting as order takers and just providing what the client asked for or are you being a highly valued service professional and suppling great advice to ensure that your client is getting the best result.

Through the design process Greg and Alan have found that if you are not careful client feedback can draw the design away from the designers vision. Customers (yes, you business owner) often supply copy, images and graphic elements that are not beneficial to creating a design that converts.

Are there client requests that are simply not required? Maybe “not customer focus” and possibly “self indigent and ego driven” from the point of view of the company to the reader? EI copy the read “We are the Best XYZ” rather then “You can get Awesome results when you use XYZ”

Today, Greg and Alan dig deep into the pitfalls that can have you fall into the trap of creating BAD DESIGN from the point of view of the designer and customer. Do you have a system in place to protect you design from heading in the wrong direction?