6 Principles of Influence in Website Design. Part 1 – Reciprocity

August 1, 2016
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Ep 052: Greg and his team at studio1design.com have designed hundreds of websites over the past few years for some high level marketers and their clients and we have been observing what really works. What I have realised is that the websites that get the best results are those that subconsciously use the power of psychology in the design. And what I realised is that there are 6 key aspects that influence people to take action. So in this 6 part series I’m going to share those 6 Principles of Influence in Website Design.
My aim is to unpack my knowledge over this series to help you the listener get higher conversions on your website. In this episode the vale is lifted on Reciprocity…

What is Reciprocity?
Reciprocity means to reciprocate. It’s the desire for someone to give back to someone who has given to them. It’s a powerful influencer in psychology and it works very well in website design too.
Why use Reciprocity?
So think about your website as a marketing tool. It’s very unlikely that somebody will buy from you straight away if they are cold traffic, so use if you use your website as a marketing tool and you give as much value as possible, then you are much more likely to have the visitors give back to you.