6 Principles of Influence in Website Design. Part 5 – Scarcity

August 9, 2016
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EP 056: If you have just tuned in, this is part 5 of our 6 part series, where we are discussing The 6 Principles of Influence in Website Design. In each episode we discuss one of the six principles, so if you didn’t catch the first 4 episodes please go back to therealmagic.com and have a listen as they are all powerful priciples that influence people to take action your website… and that’s the whole purpose of this podcast mini series!

So today in part 5 we are covering Scarcity

Scarcity creates urgency!

We have many ways to use Scarcity on a website which we will share shortly, but be WARNED, this is a POWERFUL technique to use on a website but you must NOT overdo it.

If you Overdo it will create a false Urgency and it will Backfire.

…because people won’t believe you any more!