6 Principles of Influence in Website Design. Part 6 – Consensus

August 11, 2016
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EP 057: This is the last episode of the 6 part series, where we are discussing The 6 Principles of Influence in Website Design. In each episode we discuss one of the six principles, so if you didn’t catch the first 5 episodes we encourage you to go back to therealmagic.com and have a listen as they are all powerful priciples that influence people to take action your website… and that’s the whole purpose of this podcast mini series!

So today in this final part of this series we are covering Consensus with Greg

What is Consensus?

Consensus is a fancy name for… ‘What everybody else thinks’.
When we’re talking about websites, most people call this SocialProof.
This is where you have other people say that you do, what you say you do!