How To Design a High Performance Landing Page

April 3, 2017
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EP68: How To Design a High Performance Landing Page

Listen in to this podcast episode to discover how to design a landing page to maximise your chance of converting your visitors into action takers.

Step 1.  Get clear on your target market

Step 2.  Have only one action for people to do on the page

Step 3.  Add a compelling headline that evokes emotion and curiosity

Step 4.  Add clearly defined benefits to the reader of your product or service

Step 5.  Add an engaging video using the S.P.I.N. Selling formula.

Step 6.  Add social proof that proves that you’re telling the truth

Step 7.  Add credibility and share your expertise to back up your claim

Step 8.  Share a relevant back-story to support why you created this solution.

Step 9.  Explain the features

Step 10.  Explain ‘How it Works’

Step 11.  Explain who it’s for and who it’s not for!

Step 12.  Explain the value in the pricing section

Step 13.  Display the price. (Works best if you add some scarcity and urgency.)

Step 14.  Have a guarantee

Step 15.  Have Frequently Asked Questions

Step 16.  Have a link to your Terms and Privacy Policy and contact details

Step 17.  Have the landing page designed professionally by a designer that understands visual hierarchy to influence your visitors to take action.

Step 18.  Make sure the landing page is mobile responsive to suit all screen sizes.

Step 19.  Make sure it’s on fast hosting.

Step 20.  Use a secure payment gateway.

Step 21.  Drive traffic to the landing page and split test everything using conversion boosting tools to keep improving the performance of the page over time.

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