Episode 26 – John Dwyer Exposes The Power of WOW in Design & Business

December 1, 2015
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This week’s episode of The Real Magic features guest speaker John Dwyer, founder of theinstituteofwow.com John Dwyer is the leading media marketing guru in Australia, and he is prepared to share tips and insights into what drives successful brand recognition, the do’s and don’ts of being a challenger company, and humorous anecdotes from his  25+ years of marketing experience.

Small business and large company owners alike will not want to miss this episode, as John tackles several marketing frustrations that effect business of all sizes. You will learn how to boil down your marketing promotions into a singular, attention-grabbing “wow factor”, the secrets of successful video testimonials from your clients, and various insider tips from a man who has worked with numerous celebrity personalities and top companies on high-profile marketing campaigns.

John’s advice is invaluable to all business owners, and could positively revolutionize the way you perceive your current marketing strategies. Don’t waste another second on outdated marketing models, listen to this podcast today!

01:20 – Brief look at useful analytics tool “HotJar”, an all-in-1 analytics and feedback tool with a range of features

03:00 – John Dwyer introduces himself and explains the philosophy behind his company

06:00 – Are “social media experts” delivering measurable results to clients?

08:00 – Why “old world” marketing is still viable despite the internet

10:00 – How successful companies create a “wow factor” to distract customers from the price

12:45 – John Dwyer revolutionizes bank marketing with parallel to McDonald’s Happy Meal

14:30 – How “challenger” brands need to be bold and innovative in the face of larger companies

15:20 – How John Dwyer convinced Jerry Seinfeld to work an advertising campaign

18:50 – How John Dwyer markets his own business and pitches clients

20:50 – The 5 Components of the Wheel of Wow

24:00 – John Dwyer reveals details on his upcoming marketing podcast

26:30 – Applying the adage “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” to existing profit-drivers

30:50 – The pitfalls of “shiny object syndrome” for small business owners

33:30 – Why John Dwyer prefers displaying video testimonials over boasting products and services

37:40 – Tips for maximizing the effectiveness of video testimonials

39:25 – John Dwyer transforms a water theme-park’s advertising campaign

45:00 – Why great marketing can sell even ordinary or inferior products

46:40 – Taking the first steps in designing a website frame

48:40 – Utilizing benefit driven and problem-solution headlines

50:00 – Seizing the “wow factor” of your business

53:30 – Why you should invest in website designers with a marketing background

55:20 – John Dwyer’s WowCentral.com

56:30 – Why you should network with people who have the “X Factor”

58:40 – Creating a formula for success from your mistakes

59:30 – How John Dwyer’s strategically chooses his seminar locations

01:01:00 – John Dwyer’s 12 month Master Class program


theinstituteofwow.com  – John Dwyer’s official website

wowcentral.com.au – John Dwyer’s Vault of Marketing Campaigns