Episode 28 – Chris Ducker, The Real Story Behind The Name!

December 16, 2015
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Today you are lucky enough to be a fly on the wall as your hosts Greg & Alan chat with virtual CEO Chris Ducker, the highly successful entrepreneur and author who has appeared in Forbes, been feature on many business magazine covers, and is a globe-trotting keynote speaker. Chris hosts events all over the world, from the Youpreneur Summit in London, to the Tropical Think Tank in the Philippines.

Chris Ducker offers fantastic insights into the strategies that has made him the successful entrepreneur he is today, which can be applied to the daily routine of any business owner. His focus on building the brand of YOU is incredibly effective, as so many companies put time and energy into building a faceless brand. “Real people want to do business with real people” says Chris Ducker, as he explains how you can apply this principal to make your business successful.

Struggling start-up owners will benefit greatly from his tips on how to market yourself like a magnet, attracting everyone to your branding, and leaving those faceless brands in the dust. This 40 minute episode is worth its length in gold, as premium consultants would charge you top-dollar to give you half the useful information Chris Ducker shares with you today. Share in the comments below what the one thing that Chris share you think will change the way you run your business.

03:30 – Introduction of Chris Ducker

08:40 – Personal Branding vs. Faceless Brands

12:25 – How aesthetic design has impacted Chris Ducker’s advertising

15:35 – Building the business of You

16:00 – Paying for great web design

19:30 – Enhancing the additional visuals for conference speeches

27:00 – Marketing like a magnet

30:45 – Chris Ducker reveals details on YouPreneur.com

34:00 – Periscope live video streaming

38:30 – Greg & Alan’s Killer Tips


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