Episode 31 – Greg & Alan’s Secret Formula For a Brilliant Design Brief

January 13, 2016
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Today’s episode of The Real Magic brings you some wisdom from your hosts Greg & Alan, as they delve into the 5 most important keys of communicating with your professional designer. These are hard-hitting tips that will make you rethink the way you drill down to the essence of your design brief and give you clarity about your product design, website development, and other pertinent aspects to your creative process.

Greg & Alan discuss why it’s important to present your original ideas to your professional designer, and offer constant feedback at every stage of the process. You may be surprised to learn that design professionals actually prefer when clients are upfront about their expectations, rather than leaving it all in the hands of the design studio.

Effective communication is key to a great design brief and building your brand, and this episode will show you the ropes of presenting your design studio with the perfect design you envision.  If you have any comments or stories on working with creative agencies, share them below in the comments!

04:30 – How to Brief a Designer

06:00 – Who are you and what do you stand for?

09:55 – Avatars: Pinpointing your target audience

15:00 – What is the purpose of your design?

23:00 – Features and Benefits

26:30 – Giving customers a reason to take action

30:40 – Showing your ideas to designers

34:20 – Assets and Branding

41:00 – Fonts and Copy

45:25 – Greg & Alan’s killer tips

  • Luc Devoto

    The avatar definition is new to me. Good to know

    • Thanks @Luc Devoto. Really knowing the target person for any design is critical