Episode 37 – Inside Superfast Business Live 2016 – PART 1

May 9, 2016
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If you didn’t get to SuperfastBusiness Live in Sydney last month, Alan and Greg are here to fill you in on what you missed. In today’s The Real Magic Podcast, Alan Nunez and Greg Merrilees synthesize the first full day of SuperfastBusinss Live 2016 into a fast-moving and highly informative 30 minutes.

In Episode 37, Alan and Greg dig into what they heard from online marketing superstars and pull out the most important and interesting bits about growing your business, increasing your profits and becoming a savvier, smarter marketer.

Wondering about the value of outgoing links, authorship tags, SEO, and why you should use a cartoon face in your social media marketing? Greg and Alan lay it all out for you in simple, easy-to-digest tidbits. Share your favorite tips for growing business and engaging with your markets in the comments below!


5:00 James Reynolds Advanced Agency SEO Tips on driving traffic, search page results and quality outgoing links

8:30 Clint Paddison Storytelling on how to tell an engaging story about your business.

9:30 James Schramko Subscription Business Tips on why subscription models and thinking outside the box

12:00 Dan Dobos Counter-intuitive Strategies for Productivity on the opportunity cost of constant connection

13:30 Jarrod Robinson Business Improvement Case Study on the value of outsourcing and delegation

15:25 Super blogger Darren Rowse Content Marketing Tips on how to leverage content marketing

17:30 Chris Dufey True Freedom on Message, Market and Media and how to achieve true freedom

19:45 Greg Merrilees Design Case Studies You Can Emulate on why you should pay for professional web design

21:45 Peter Moriarty Ten Dials to Tune Your Business on increasing productivity and how to figure out your hourly rate

24:45 Ecommerce hyper-leverage Ezra Firestone on the importance of preselling